Why Use Us - The Outplacement Center

Our mission is to assist corporations and individuals with smooth transitions that result in developing and reaching their personal and professional goals.

We have 20 years in the outplacement field, conducting hundreds of “take-outs” for organizations, subsequent group workshops and one on one executive coaching sessions.  Consistently rated “excellent” for providing quality and comprehensive material and services and delivering sensitive and knowledgeable coaching, we stand for the confident pursuit of meaningful work for the outplaced professional.

Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to be happy and successful at work and this is attainable when we are attending to what we need from our work environment.  We begin with knowing who we are and what we are uniquely suited to do and end with an action plan designed to achieve goals based on that acknowledgment along with acquired skills.  The Outplacement Center strives to combine those aspects in order to facilitate the job search with a program designed to take the greatest advantage of most recently developed marketing tools and an emphasis on the critical nature of networking.

In the current outplacement environment, people are being pushed more and more toward online portals but the cost in providing these services continues to be high.  We believe that the price can be set at a reasonable enough rate not only to enable companies to extend the offer to greater numbers of employees but also to have more people benefit from the guidance that good outplacement service can provide.

The Outplacement Center provides the same service and excellent quality with a much lower price tag.  We also allow for custom upgrade options in the event corporations continue to feel a need to expand the service for higher level professionals, particularly as it relates to personal coaching.

Should we obtain a request, The Outplacement Center is even prepared to Custom Design the entire program, allowing for an “in-house” appearance.

In FACT, there is nothing that The Outplacement Center cannot or will not provide as it relates to managing change and transitioning employees.  Just ask and we will see to it that you have what you need to accomplish your goals!