Why Provide Outplacement - The Outplacement Center

Give outgoing employees a Career Transition Program developed over 20 years in coaching thousands of individuals experiencing an involuntary job loss…A comprehensive program, designed for the participant to succeed in finding their next position…at a price that affords a  company the opportunity to extend their good will!

Skyscraper1Corporations that are forced to reduce workforce really want to help displaced employees not only get through the emotional challenges but also to help them with finding a new career opportunity.  Outplacement services provide that assistance while softening the blow on both sides.

Treating outgoing employees with respect and concern allows companies to retain the reputation they so often spent a good deal building. This positive effect is one that inevitably spills over to remaining employees with morale preserved and productivity retained.

Providing outplacement services can often be a much less costly way to assist than additions to severance  packages and is likely a benefit more valued by the outgoing employee.

Providing outplacement  can allow a corporation to retain signed agreements as prerequisite, thereby eliminating the concern for any potential legal issues or social media hazards to surface.

Expressions of good will in providing outplacement services for those being affected by a restructure or downsizing are inevitably accompanied by the possibility of rehiring valued employees.