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What Participants Learn…

Without exception, we have found that the value to outplaced individuals exponentially increases when we conduct professional evaluations before launching “full speed ahead” into a job search. That way, they are set up on a path that’s right for them today as well as for their remaining career years ahead. Because even as we never know what those years will bring, it’s much easier to handle anything that comes up when we’re using our best strengths, abilities and greatest motivations to deal with them.  For us, this is a prerequisite that will enable the professional to confidently pursue their most suited position and thereby allow them the greatest opportunity for their success and satisfaction on the job.

Armed with the clarity that arises from the assessment reports and with a bit of support from our session on “Dealing with Change,” your employees are re-energized and ready to engage in the career transition process.

Following that (Module 1), there are nine other modules that take them step by step through the re-engagement process right up to negotiation of a job offer.  Since many have been out of the active job market for some time, we ensure we cover every aspect of the job search campaign.

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With The Outplacement Center, your employees receive online access to our 10-Module “”How-To Series” to conduct successful, self-guided career transitions, in conjunction with up to 3 hours of personal “career coaching time.”  Inside, they will find easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step worksheets to answer the following questions and much, much more…

  • How most resumes are scanned– and what to include so they’ll actually get read
  • The one question to ask before leaving an interview —to stand head and shoulders above any other applicant
  • The very first thing to do before engaging in a search for a job or career
  • The most powerful thing to do to be sure to land the right career
  • How +80% of people REALLY get their jobs
  • The one lesson that +90% of job search candidates say they’ll never forget from their career transition experience (this one tip will saves a LOT of wasted time and effort)
  • What to track to be really effective on their career search campaign
  • The single, perfect agenda item to include in a networking meeting
  • How to write a letter that people will want to read
  • What not to do when offered a job
  • The best time to offer a reference sheet (do it before I suggest and it probably won’t get read)
  • The one thing that allows one to move on after a job loss
  • Which single communication form trumps all others?
  • The top 10 questions to prepare to answer on an interview (here’s a hint: the answer you give is only HALF the story!)
  • How to tap into the “Hidden Job Market”
  • How to describe their ideal work environment in ways that really hit home with a prospective employer
  • The 4 step sales process of the job search
  • One of the best sources for optimizing an online job search presence