Company Benefits - The Outplacement Center

The Benefits Of Using The Outplacement Center include:

Cost Savings…

The corporate restructuring climate puts a strain on both companies and their employees.  Historically, many downsized senior and higher level executives receive outplacement assistance at a cost of $3,000-over $10,000 per individual wherein they receive a range of benefits from resume writing and coaching assistance to temporary office space with administrative assistance services.  Today, much of this is accomplished via online resources but the cost to corporations have continued in a similar range, accounting for expenses related to brick and mortar, equipment and supplies, administrative salaries and benefits for those providing these services to outplaced employees.   We eliminate all those costs and provide a cost effective alternative via our online virtual training center.

Providing outplacement is a tribute to your corporate values, however, may be limited due to the cost prohibitive nature of extending the offer to the masses.

 Just imagine if you were able to provide a cost effective solution to all of your displaced employees and give them a gift that can prove to have lasting and even lifelong value in their careers!

Our optional services can be custom designed to meet your specific needs in a similar low cost manner.

Productivity Increase…

We have found that today more displaced employees would rather work on their own schedules and from the quiet and secure environment of their homes as they take the time to determine what their next most suitable career move may be.  Since most of the work is via internet access, your employees can accomplish just that.

The reasonable rates offered by The Outplacement Center allowing for greater numbers of employees to benefit from the service, also results in positive feelings from remaining employees, ensuring that they will not be distracted but rather can return to the productive work that they always had.

Good Will…

With an active social media working to communicate on levels not realized heretofore, organizations will want to keep their stellar reputations unsullied by grudges and potential “bad press” exacted by those who feel they were wrongly treated and/or improperly let go.  Providing assistance to outgoing employees serves not only to soften the blow to them, but also helps in mitigating feelings of guilt and/or suspicion sometimes felt by those remaining managers and employees.  Your business decision can allow your employees a respectful exit by providing the help they need to get to the next best step in their career. Ultimately, these individuals become “good will ambassadors” in work and social communities.