Our Valued Assessment - The Outplacement Center

Having begun our professional pursuits in the area of Assessment, we remain familiar with and are qualified in a number of Assessment Instruments.

The Assessment of choice for our clients in The Outplacement Center is one we have  successfully used with assisting professionals in identifying their needs for the purpose of making optimal life decisions.  It has the backing of meeting stringent performance measures in reliability and scientific validity.  The Birkman Method has recently celebrated 60 years of success and today boasts a database in the millions.

The Birkman has also been effective for use in corporate matters such as succession planning and team building, in the hiring selection process and in leadership development, etc..  With international exposure and the Assessment available in 11 languages, we have a list of very large corporate clients who can provide testimony to how the Assessment Process has been of great service in meeting their needs and corporate goals.

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And finally, we have used this same Assessment Process to help students in selecting career paths that are consistent with who they are and what they need from a work environment.  It always helps to obtain this kind of awareness as early as possible, but it is never too late, either, to acknowledge the aspects of ourselves in doing what we love and loving what we do.  We believe that this is the only way for each individual to achieve personal success and at the same time make a valued contribution to an organization.

Your outgoing employees will enjoy the benefit of obtaining clarification and guidance in their next “best fit” career move with The Birkman Method.

Because the reports are entirely interesting and illuminating, we often get requests to conduct group feedback sessions where we enjoy interactive meaningful activities that get at the heart of how each of us is entitled to live a happy and fulfilled work and personal life.  Even the most self-aware participants both enjoy and glean critical information on their own motivations and what that means in the pursuit of happiness and success.  An additional benefit is a greater understanding of their fellow associates, resulting in improved interpersonal work (& personal) relationships.